Month: April 2019

The person offended by the crime

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Who is the offended person and what rights and rights are recognized by our penal system Who is the person offended by the crime The right of lawsuit of the injured person Offended person: rights and rights Offended party civil party The jurisprudence on the person offended by the crime Who is the person offended […]

Variable Income Treasury Bonds

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In this article we will look closely at the Variable Income Treasury Bonds available to households, their potentialities and risks, and compare it with other alternatives available in the market. What Are Treasury Bonds? Treasury bonds (TOs) are public debt securities. When you buy an OT you are lending money to a country so that […]

Bail Deposit

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The Urban Leasing Law imposes the legal obligation to demand and provide a DEPOSIT in cash, equivalent to a monthly rent when a housing lease is entered into. Thus, this legal obligation is configured for the rental of all types of housing, regardless of whether it is considered free or with public protection. The bond is […]